Houston Lillard

The Lillard Foundation, with Houston Lillard at its helm, is an initiative focused on nurturing both athletic and personal growth among Oregon's youth. As the Founder and Executive Director, Houston has expanded the scope of traditional coaching, becoming a notable figure of positivity within the community.


Outside the confines of the field, Houston is recognized for his efforts to instill confidence and resilience. He places emphasis on enhancing skills and fostering a harmonious blend of coaching, mentorship, and safeguarding that aims to ensure the comprehensive development in all of the youth he interacts with.


Houston's multifaceted role, encompassing coaching, mentorship, and personal development, showcases a modern take on the traditional responsibilities of a coach and mentor within the community.

Damian Lillard

Beyond his notable performances on the basketball court as a guard for the Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard takes on a broader role that extends well beyond the confines of the NBA's scheduled games. He is deeply involved in several community outreach initiatives, with the RESPECT program and The Lillard Foundation being particularly prominent. These initiatives underscore his commitment to the community and highlight his desire to make a positive impact.


Damian's focus isn't just on basketball; he's deeply invested in the future of Oregon's youth. Recognizing the potential in these young individuals, he dedicates significant time, energy, and resources to create and sustain programs that not only support their growth but also prioritize the overall development of the community.


This commitment hasn't gone unnoticed. PBWA President Josh Robbins of The Athletic remarked on Lillard's endeavors, saying, "Damian Lillard's ongoing and steadfast dedication to the youth of Portland stands out. His efforts to inspire and uplift the next generation are both commendable and a testament to his character."


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