The mission of The Lillard Foundation is to create a dynamic environment that integrates academic and athletic opportunities for Oregon youth across the state.


By hosting team-based sports programs, academic workshops, and a wide variety of physical development courses, The Lillard Foundation aims to help Oregon youth while offering after-school programs for the community.

Houston Lillard’s Story

"Houston Lillard is the head director of The Lillard Foundation. Houston's goal is to not only help kids take their athletics to the next level — it’s to also do everything he can to be a positive light in these young athletes’ lives.

The 7on7 league “gives kids a different way to be coached, taught, and to be looked out for without so many outside distractions,” Lillard said.

As the head coach of a 7on7 team, Lillard wants to make sure every time the kids arrive or leave the practice facility, they are doing it with confidence and reassurance.

“The biggest thing I want them to have is confidence,” Lillard said, adding, “I want them to be reassured that no matter what mistakes they have made in the past, or whatever troubles they are having, that we can work through them and they are going to be better days sooner than later.”

Another aspect of Lillard’s football team is it tries to provide the kids with the vision of college and giving them the experience of what it is like to be a part of a college program.

In fact, Lillard said many of the kids on his team have never left the state.

“I want to give them the chance to see what it’s like getting on a plane, staying in a hotel, and being away from their family. That’s why I try to schedule tournaments across the country,” he said.

The most important thing for Lillard is just knowing that the kids know who he is and how he is going to be around them and understanding they can put down their barrier and be real with him. “I just be myself,” Lillard said. “I come in here and I kid with them, I dance with them, I laugh and joke with them. I just break down my barriers and my comfort zone and that’s why I think they do the same with me.”"


Damian Lillard’s Story

For the Trail Blazers guard, his role as an NBA player extends far beyond the 48 minutes per basketball game, with communal out reach programs such as his RESPECT program and the The Lillard Foundation being major pillars in Damians positive reputation amongst the community.

Inspired to help Oregon youth reach their full potential, Damian invests his time and energy into developing and sustaining programs that will help the community growth at the forefront of his initiatives.

Damian aims to reinforce the value of education and celebrate student achievement through The Lillard Foundation.  He has participated in  assemblies, class discussions and has empowered teachers and counselors to reward respectful, diligent students with tickets to Trail Blazers games, gear and recognition.


“Damian Lillard’s sustained commitment to inspire young people in Portland is inspiring,” said PBWA President Josh Robbins of The Athletic.


Team Lillard 7 on 7

Our showcase flag football travelling sports program (6th grade – senior in HS) designed to pick our top student athletes within our programs to travel around the country competing for experience and college scholarships.

HL5 Sports

Our public sports development programs (ages 6+) implemented to help kids develop athletically by focusing on athletic training, fitness development and nutrition plan implementation amongst youth participants.

More Than An Athlete Program

Our academic development program is designed to hold participants accountable in the classroom and on the field. Offering tutoring, study halls and mentorship our program aims to help participants strive for academic excellence by providing recourses and strong academic consultation.


Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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